About the 30 pound mark I started to notice that my skin was getting looser.  As fate would have it, I finally got motivated to lose the weight right as I was entering that special middle point of life. You know the phase; in your mind’s eye you are still 20 something with 20 something skin, but in the cold hard light of your bathroom mirror you are firmly in your late 30’s (and if you can’t relate, go home, you’re too young, it’s past your bedtime). So I started playing around with firming lotions. I am just this side of cheap so my price point was about $15-20 a bottle (or hopefully less). I have tried about 4 or 5 different brands. It’s not that they were bad; it’s just that they weren’t great. I wasn’t seeing the difference they were all promising me. So I did what I do best and started researching good firming lotions. A couple articles mentioned Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter (find it here on Amazon).


This bottle looks like it was minted the year I was born!

Don’t let the fact that the bottle hasn’t been updated since 1979 fool you (as it did me whenever I scrolled past it on Amazon), this stuff is LEGIT! I was super hesitant about this too when I received it, because not only did this look like a left over prop from That 70’s Show, it also smelled like chocolate Lip Smackers. This is awesomeness bottle up and made creamy. I loved this so much I am branching out and trying other products by Palmer’s. I just started using the Skin Therapy Oil with Vitamin E Rosehip (check it out here), but I have only just started using that so I don’t know if it is just as astonishing. It does make my skin super soft, which is always a marvelous bonus for someone with a thyroid problem. The best part of all…I can get the lotion for $7.85 a bottle!


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