Hazy, Crazy Lady


I have been having writers block. More accurately, subject block. I keep starting posts, only to go off on tangents or digress from the topic, and nobody wants to read the musings of a mad lady (or maybe you do but this mad lady doesn’t want her crazy to show too much). A lot is going on in my personal life that seems to be spilling over into my ability to concentrate on one thing for more than 5 minutes; holy crap on a cracker, I am turning into my toddler! (Case in point, I just started fiddling with something on my desk 4 sentences in, after talking about my inability to concentrate. FOCUS RAINE! This is a quick post, you can do it! I have faith in me!)

Just as an update, I am still working hard on my weight loss journey. I am seriously slowing down on how fast I am losing. Don’t know if I am starting to plateau or if I have just being doing this for so long now I am starting to slip up here and there. I do plan to write more, I promise! I have a nifty note pad that I keep handy with about a half dozen topics I have been meaning to get to. I finally have my allergies under control so I am coming out of my allergy haze (yep I live in a climate where spring is in full swing, don’t be too jealous…It’s also adjacent to hell, so the summer is murder by heat). I haven’t abandoned this blog so please stick with me and don’t forget about me cyber world!

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