Funks and Wolverines

I guess it’s been a while since I have written anything since two of my friends have brought it to my attention (you know who you are, I am pretty sure it was a collaborated call out, and I am watching you two little schemers!). Always good to have friends who pull out the whip when you’re slacking though because this blog helps me a lot! Writing my journey is another way for me to remind myself of the whys.  February 19th was my six months Weight Watchers anniversary. As of my last weigh in (last Friday), I have gotten rid of 38.4 pounds.


Kinda surprising…I thought adamantium would weigh more. Oops my geek is showing!

Tomorrow is weigh in so that could will change; something else that I hope changes, a funk I have been in. For the past three weeks (THREE WEEKS!!!) I have been slipping. Not a lot, but enough that I am having a hard time with a reset. I am not slipping so bad that I have gained anything, but if I don’t turn this around that’s a possibility. I can blame it on stress (which I have been under a little more of lately), I can blame it on being busy (which I am), I can even blame it on increased activity (trying to go beyond just being mom buff); the reality is though, I have been being good for 6 months now and I am getting bored and losing a little bit of my enthusiasm.

My one saving grace is I have a new normal when it comes to eating and my relationship with food. I can’t say I have broken my food addiction, because like any addiction, it still lives below the surface. I have replaced my need for emotional eating; I have been trying other fixes for stress. I haven’t found one that works as well as food used to, but I am developing enough remedies that I don’t have the need to turn to food now. Cliché as it sounds, exercise does work well; mainly because it also alleviates boredom, but the end result is I am not crunching on crap. I also have been facing whatever the stressor is and looking for solutions instead of doughnuts (speaking of doughnuts, it’s been months since I have had one…I am ghosting doughnuts after all our fabulous years together).  Biggest problem right now is boredom eating. My son loves to sleep and takes a three hour nap in the middle of the day (you can be jealous). I feel like I have run through all my fun options and now I am bored during this three hour span. It’s not like I can go have an adventure while he naps; CPS looks negatively on that. So reading, video games, and TV are my only real options. Guess what goes great with all those activities…food! Junk food especially (and by junk food I mean veggie sticks from sprouts or skinny pop popcorn). So that is my next project, how to not be bored while trapped in a box.

I have high hopes for breaking my funk next week; I bought a new pair of size 16 jeans as something to work towards. I am almost there too! I tried them on last night, and without having to do tight jean aerobics, I was able to zip them up while standing. I can zip them up, but they are a little tighter then I like, so I still have another 5 pounds before I can wear them and breathe.  This is big for me! I started this journey at a 22 and in just over six months I am (almost) a size 16. I look for motivation in everything. Weight loss is a marathon, and I think the key is always keep looking for inspiration! (Is there something longer than a marathon? That’s what I am on with how much weight I am trying to lose…but running doesn’t appeal to me so I am not down with the jargon.)


Bottom pair of jeans were my favorite pair last August. The top pair shows how far I have come!!

3 thoughts on “Funks and Wolverines

  1. Whoooo hoooo. I check my email everyday waiting for a notification that you have posted a new entry in your blog. Your blog helps me as much as it helps you, maybe more. It’s like I’m reading about myself. I am so proud of you! Can’t wait til the next one……


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