Liar, Liar, Googly Eyes on Fire


June 2016 vs February 2017

Scales are little liars! There I said it. You do everything right; you eat healthy, stay on track, get all that activity in. Then poof! You gain weight or stay the same.  Ok, maybe the scale isn’t lying (I mean mine does once in a while, but I have a sassy scale) but it’s not telling you what you want to hear. You step on, scale rolls her eyes, and says “not this week missy”. (No? Yours doesn’t roll its eyes? Am I the only one sticking googly eyes on the scale? Don’t read this like I am a weirdo, googly eyes make everything better.) In the past, I have listened to my scales negativity. I have busted my butt to not see that number budge at all! It is really hard to maintain momentum and motivation when that happens too; especially when you are a wee bit of a perfectionist and expect the rules of losing weight to apply flawlessly. So you stop the progress, halt all steps forward, and just fall back into the old routine that caused the problem to begin with.

Then you do research and find out that because you have both PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis that losing weight is a slow process for you. That when you are a total couch potato and start working out, your body can freak out and weight loss is stalled for a bit. You read, and read, and read and see all the ways that the scale lies to you. So what do you do when the scale lies? Find other ways to monitor progress. Now I take measurements and compile photographic evidence of my journey.  Most scales aren’t trying to be jerks (), but for the most part they are just trying to tell you the facts. It is up to us to become detectives in our journey. We need more than one witness to success. If you can’t keep your momentum looking at the scale, then don’t use that as your primary way to observe progress. I find pictures are beneficial for me because I see side by side how far I have come. It makes it harder for me to throw in the towel when I have visual proof that my hard work is paying off.  Part of the journey is finding what keeps you motivated day after day; so gather all the facts you can and show yourself without a shadow of a doubt that you are making great leaps in the right direction!

3 thoughts on “Liar, Liar, Googly Eyes on Fire

  1. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for taking time to visit my blog and having a follow, I appreciate the support. I was reading your most recent piece, after finishing this post – and it definitely was an eye opener, you mentioned how many of the blogs that were titled body positive. etc were the ones literally shaming others. My first thought was “omg, hope this wasn’t me” and secondly, I want to read some of those people’s blogs, because I honestly hope no one I followed is writing such negative shit. I always try to read a couple of post before following someone because you never know and I don’t want to support the wrong things.



    • Well I don’t want to actively call anyone out for expressing an opinion I don’t agree with. It seems a little to close to trolling! I can tell you some of my search words were weight watchers, weight loss, and healthy weight. About 1/4 of the blogs I read were blogs such as that. Like you, I read a post or two before following and those happened to be what I was finding (most commonly with the weight watchers search tag).

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      • This is understandable (if however you ever find a post of mine to be not so likeable due to offensiveness or what have you, let me know) I might not always abide by the majority but I don’t shut out the minority either, everyone is able to engage in my post freely whether they agree or disagree 🙂
        I will do some tagging today , it really intrigues me that so many have done this. I know people who have done weight watchers and have lost tons of weight and they all enjoyed it.


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