Chuck the ‘Bucks


$85 a month, $1020 a year; what the average coffee drinker spends a month at a coffee house. 33 grams versus 20 grams; the amount of sugar in a grande (Starbucks code for medium) caramel macchiato compared to the amount of sugar in a Snickers bar. There is less sugar in a glazed doughnut (12g) than there is in a skinny caramel macchiato (18g). We pay Starbucks good money every year to help contribute to our expanding waist lines!

These are things I didn’t even think about when I considered why I was so heavy. I thought I was doing ok because I never got the venti (large for those who do not speak Starbucks), and always had my drink made skinny (anyone else feeling like this is false advertisement?!). Since I started this program 5 months ago, I have exactly one Starbucks drink (and it wasn’t even the pumpkin spice latte! Please do not take away my white girl card). Since I do Weight Watchers I think of everything in a value of points, that one medium holiday specialty drink was 18 points. 18 POINTS! Let me put this in perspective, I could have had a doughnut for 13 points (if you get the feeling I like doughnuts, you catch on fast), a whole big kids meal from the arches for 15 points, or a like it size ice cream from a chilly stone for 17 points. All still less points than that one drink (and because I prefer food to liquid diets, way more fulfilling).

The added benefit of making coffee at home instead of the coffee house is the money I am saving. Well, redistributing actually. It is now paying for my gym membership (that I haven’t really started using yet, but that’s another topic) and my Weight Watchers membership. Both of which are extremely beneficial to my health and give me a better sense of money well spent.

This isn’t to say I will never be getting coffee house drinks ever again. I like them; they’re specifically crafted for me and millions of others to like them. Only now I view them as a special treat; a few times a year instead of a few times a week. Knowing I can makes me feel less deprived when I don’t!

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