Mental Status

I have lost 35lbs since 8/19. That’s 35 pounds I am not carrying around on my knees daily anymore. To put that in perspective, I am no longer lugging around 140 quarter pounders (I Lost What is a great website). I haven’t lost my weight by magic or unicorn poop (cause I kinda feel that would be the result of eating unicorn poop). Right now I am using Weight Watchers and it is working fabulous for me. There are really good free ones online (MyFitnessPal and SparkPeople are two I know of) but I love the community I have with Weight Watchers (seriously, like 98% troll free) and the smart point system seems to be working good for my metabolism.  I didn’t eat horrible before starting WW. I had my vices (hello ice cream and doughnuts), but overall I didn’t have that unhealthy of a diet. My problem isn’t what I eat, but how much I eat. Portion control folks, that’s what it is all about for me. I still have snacks; I even occasionally still have ice cream. (Shock! Gasp!) I am learning to make healthier choices overall though.

One thing that is really helping me this time is my mindset.  I don’t view this journey as a diet because diets end. I am making a lifestyle change that I can maintain after the weight is gone. Which means that when you see me eating a doughnut or french fries, I am not “cheating” on my diet. First off, we were never exclusive and we agreed to see other food. Also, it’s not cheating if I have the points for it! People have actually asked me to my face if I have already given up because I have some junk food once in a while. (And by people I mean one person because I am a stay at home mom who doesn’t have much of a social circle anymore, but still rude!) Plus, I allowed myself time to make positive changes. I realized that my bad habits were not formed overnight. These are bad habits that I have been carefully cultivating and crafting for the last 15 or so years (longer if I am honest with myself about my age). We have become good friends, my bad habits and me.  So why do I always think I can change them overnight? Breaking up is hard enough, but when you have to break up with so many bad habits at once it is too emotionally draining. It has been easier to take it slow and change habits for the better in a more fluid and natural way. The success I am having this time has taught me that this change is about more than restricting calories, it’s just as important to be in the right place mentally. If you go into this thinking about these changes negatively, then you will never develop the same relationship with good habits that you had with the bad.

Now I am going to have a 5oz, 4SP glass of red wine and binge watch TV cause going to the gym is next month’s healthy habit to form.

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